As a Green Certified Business,  Drive Auto Appearance Center is committed to conserving and protecting the environment through conservation, preservation and sustainability.

Conservation:  We proudly use “Water Smart” technology that reduces our water consumption to between 6 ounces and 1 gallon of water per car.

Preservation:  The Drive Auto Detailing System preserves the environment, by emulsifying dirt and contaminants and then trapping them in microfiber towels, the towels can be used and cleaned hundreds of times.  All Drive Auto Appearance products are certified organic and proven 100% biodegradable.  We only use products that are VOC compliant and allergen free.

Sustainability:  Drive Auto Appearance practices sustainability by readily re-using and recycling bottles, packaging and other materials.  This practice not only protects the environment but it also helps us reduce expenses and keep our service prices reasonable for our customers.  We also encourage our suppliers and vendors to participate in similar recycling and conservation programs